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In your business do you...

We came up with the idea for FuseBot based on frustrations we were having in our own accounting practice. But we know that no two firms are the same, so we want to understand more about how your business works.
Do you frequently find yourself asking for or emailing other team members for reporting information or client data?

Can you list some examples of the types of requests you might make?

Do you find yourself emailing or messaging your team members for information outside of hours?

Where are you when you request information or delegate tasks?

Generally, how do you communicate with your internal team members:

In general, what device would you mostly use to interact with your colleagues

Is there any information or data within your business that you wish you had easier access to?

If you could ask a question about any of the information stored about your business/clients and receive a response instantly, what types of things would you ask for? (List as many as you would like)

And a little bit more about you...

What is your title/position?

Do you have a direct report or team that provides you with administrative support?

Generally, how many hours would you work in a normal week (in total)

Do you use any of the following services?

Would you be interested in having access to a similar style application specifically for your business?

What do you enjoy the most about services like Siri / Alexa etc?

What frustrates you the most about services like Siri / Alexa etc?

If you could access a "Siri" for your business, what features are important to you?

How do you most frequently consume news?

One last thing...

Please tell us your full name (responses are confidential):

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